Fire and Flood Restoration

Outstanding Professional Cleaning

A professional restoration that takes the stress out of the situation

The experience of a fire or flood in your home can be very stressful, especially if the damage is severe. The most important thing for you is to return your home to normality as quickly as possible. This will involve your insurance company who will arrange for ServiceMaster Restore to carry out an inspection of your damaged property and for the necessary procedures to be put in place in order to start the restoration process.

ServiceMaster Restore Professional Cleaning Services to Restore Your Home

ServiceMaster Restore has a wide range of professional cleaning services to enable them to restore your home, following fire or flood damage.  ServiceMaster Restore have developed the most effective products and methods to take care of all restoration situations.

ServiceMaster Restore takes the stress out of your situation

As soon as ServiceMaster Restore receives an instruction from your insurance company, we make contact with you to arrange a visit to your home. Before we put in place the necessary restoration procedures, we initially carry out a risk assessment which will involve talking to you about any concerns you may have, following the damage to your home. We will be conscious of the importance of communicating with you, which is managed and monitored at all stages of the restoration programme.

ServiceMaster Restore – Customer Care Programme

The restoration programme of your home will be managed by a Project Supervisor, who will manage and monitor the quality and progress of our work and to keep you up-to-date at all times.  This ensures that we deliver outstanding professional cleaning and restoration services to you.