Commercial Businesses – Office, Retail & Light Industrial

Outstanding Professional Cleaning

Our attention to detail guarantees an outstanding office cleaning service

ServiceMaster Clean’s Customer Site Survey enables us to provide you with a bespoke cleaning quote for your professional office cleaning. We are able to listen to your requirements, matching our range of cleaning schedules and methods to your office layout and furnishings. ServiceMaster Clean have Cleaning Contracts for Commercial Offices, Retail Spaces, Light Industrial and Car Showrooms.

Once we have agreed the specific cleaning requirements of your office facility, we put in place a Daily/Weekly/Periodic Cleaning Schedule. This information forms part of the Contract Cleaning Programme which ensures the ServiceMaster Management and Supervisory team can give clear instructions on daily and weekly cleaning tasks. Our cleaning staff get used to a consistent and disciplined cleaning program, guaranteeing the quality service we are able to provide so your office cleaning is completed to the highest standards.

Our Contract Cleaning Schedules include:

  • Daily communication log
  • Scheduled cleaning programmes
  • Trained cleaning staff
  • Supervised cleaning services
  • Service check audit
  • Customer service review
  • Specialist periodic cleans
  • Site specific inductions for all cleaners

Our professional range of additional services (periodics) have been tailored to help enhance and maintain the fabric of your building. These include deep cleaning services for carpets, hard flooring, upholstery, toilet deep cleans and odour removal. Please click the links for more information about each service.

We Are A British Institute of Cleaning Science Training Centre

Today ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland is the largest ServiceMaster Clean Franchise in the UK. We are proud to have incorporated quality processes and as a result we are now a British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) Training Centre. We pride ourselves on our state of the art cleaning equipment and technology which allows us to provide first class cleaning services.  

We can provide you with additional periodic cleaning services

Our expertise in the cleaning of soft and hard furnishings ensures our customers get value for money service with their contract cleaning!

Daily office cleaning alone will not maintain the appearance of your soft and hard furnishings within the office facility. A periodical clean of both soft and hard furnishings, removing deep soiling and stains ensures the appearance of your office is maintained, importantly a clean image is presented to both your employees and customers.

ServiceMaster Cleaning provides a range of carpet cleaning services from deep cleans with hot water extraction, to maintenance programs with bonnet cleaning. This not only enhances the image of your building it prolongs the life of your carpets.

ServiceMaster Cleaning provides a range of Hard Floor cleaning services from Shower Scrubbing, Spray Cleaning, Spray Buffing and Refinishing the floors. This not only enhances the image of your building it prolongs the life of your hard floor.

ServiceMaster Clean provides a range of Window Cleaning Methods from Squeegee and Blade to Long Reach Water Fed Poles. ServiceMaster Clean prefers to have ownership of the management of the window cleaning program as every scheduled visit of the window cleaning program is managed and monitored, importantly the standard of clean is checked on every visit. The reason we attach such importance to window cleaning is that clean windows says everything about an office building.