Range of Services

Graffiti Removal

Any graffiti, whether on a large or a small scale, is unsightly and can damage the surface area it has been put on. We strongly advise against graffiti removal yourself, unless you are experienced to do so, as it is easy to damage the surface underneath.

Protection is Your Best Form of Prevention

Not only can we offer graffiti cleaning and removal but also protection against graffiti. ServiceMaster Clean’s professionally trained Commercial Cleaning technicians use high pressure cleaning equipment, with non-hazardous eco-friendly cleaning products to remove graffiti from porous and non porous surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly

Our cleaning systems and products have been designed for safe and efficient use by our fully trained technicians. We can safely remove  and clean graffiti from surfaces such as masonry, marble, and limestone.

Protecting Against Graffiti

Where you experience continual problems with graffiti we would recommend that we visit the offending site and carry out a survey to discuss the best way to deal with further graffiti problems.

Get in touch on 01635 38100 if you would like a professional solution to your graffiti problem.


Other services offered: upholstery cleaning; blind cleaning; hard floor cleaning; janitorial services, toilet deep cleans, carpet cleaning and window cleaning