Healthcare & Medical Centres​

Outstanding Professional Cleaning

Our attention to detail guarantees CQC cleaning standards

ServiceMaster Clean knows that attention to detail is the only way to guarantee CQC Cleaning Standards and provide an outstanding level of professional cleaning services for healthcare and medical centres. That is why we put so much emphasis on our customer site survey, which gives us first hand knowledge of what your medical centre or surgery will require to be CQC compliant. With our site survey we are able to match up the areas to be cleaned with the correct tasks to be scheduled ensuring the right cleaning and infection control methods are put in place.

For ServiceMaster Clean it is paramount to have the relevant cleaning tasks and methods in place for the cleaning site, complete with a Daily/Weekly/Periodic Cleaning Schedule. This information forms part of the Contract Cleaning Programme and ensures standards of the professional contract cleaning are maintained at all times.

The Contract Cleaning Programme ensures the ServiceMaster Management Team adheres to CQC Cleaning Standards (Regulations 12 and 15) the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Guidance and Quality Standards and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) cleaning guidance.

Hygiene is paramount with any cleaning programme, in particular with healthcare & medical centres. ServiceMaster Clean has a comprehensive Infection Control Programme with Sani-Master 6 which is a cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant, and can be used for wiping down surfaces or whole room fogging when carrying out an infection control clean.

We Are A British Institute of Cleaning Science Training Centre

Today ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland with 30 years experience is the largest ServiceMaster Clean Franchise in the UK, this is attributed to the cleaning methods it has introduced through the BICS (The British Institute of Cleaning Science) Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate Training Program. ServiceMaster Clean by Deeland is a BICS Training Centre.

ServiceMaster Clean Newbury prides itself with its State of the Art Equipment and Machinery delivering efficient high quality cleaning.

We can provide you with additional periodic cleaning services

Our expertise in the cleaning of soft and hard furnishings ensures our customers get value for money service with their contract cleaning!

Daily office cleaning alone will not maintain the appearance of your soft and hard furnishings within the office facility. A periodical clean of both soft and hard furnishings, removing deep soiling and stains ensures the appearance of your office is maintained, importantly a clean image is presented to both your employees and customers.

ServiceMaster Cleaning provides a range of carpet cleaning services from deep cleans with hot water extraction, to maintenance programs with bonnet cleaning. This not only enhances the image of your building it prolongs the life of your carpets.

ServiceMaster Cleaning provides a range of Hard Floor cleaning services from Shower Scrubbing, Spray Cleaning, Spray Buffing and Refinishing the floors. This not only enhances the image of your building it prolongs the life of your hard floor.

ServiceMaster Clean provides a range of Window Cleaning Methods from Squeegee and Blade to Long Reach Water Fed Poles. ServiceMaster Clean prefers to have ownership of the management of the window cleaning program as every scheduled visit of the window cleaning program is managed and monitored, importantly the standard of clean is checked on every visit. The reason we attach such importance to window cleaning is that clean windows says everything about an office building.