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Odour Removal

Professional Odour Removal

A bad smell quickly gets picked up by the human nose and if it is pungent it can create personal discomfort and in some cases embarrassment for all concerned. Odours are generally complex mixtures of chemicals produced from proteins, bacteria and organic material that are released into the air. The lingering odours that emanate from these deposits permeate in to every space and get up our noses. The odour-producing bacteria continue to multiply and create ever worsening smells.

Odours fall into three categories, each of which we can deal with:

  1. Airborne odours. To erase the airborne smells ServiceMaster Clean will fog or spray an odour eradicator in the offending room.

  2. Surface Odours. With surfaces such as curtains, upholstery and carpets our fully trained technicians will test to decide whether the cleaning should be dry powder, dry-clean (water solvent) or wet extraction. This will mean a pre-application of cleaner/odour eradicator followed either by vacuum extraction or rinse extraction. In the case of hard surfaces removing grease and soil with cleaner/odour eradicator using a micro fibre cloth.

  3. Sub-surface Odours. Odours that are caused by soiling/bacteria that has migrated in the flooring will require deep cleaning with a cleaner/odour eradicator. This will mean shower scrubbing and rinse extracting hard floors and pre-spraying carpets followed by rinse extraction.

Services that we provide odour removal for:

  • Carpet odours
  • Curtain odours
  • Upholstery odours
  • Spillages
  • Pet accidents
  • Bodily fluid odours
  • Fire and flood damage
  • Washroom and bathroom odours

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