Range of Services

Janitorial Services

As a commercial business the last thing you want your people to be involved in is the purchasing of janitorial equipment as it often has little to do with the job they are employed to do and takes up their valuable time.

With our commercial contracts ServiceMaster Clean supplies a wide range of janitorial equipment from everyday consumables such as toilet rolls and hand towels to specialist floor cleaning products. Our technical sales representatives will advise you on the best products and best practices in using them.

We have operated a professional contract cleaning business for several decades and have gained valuable experience and knowledge of janitorial requirements for commercial businesses.

We provide 4 key Janitorial Services:

  • Housekeeping:
    • Cleaning products for Kitchens
    • Cleaning products for Offices
    • Cleaning products for Light Industrial Premises
    • Cleaning Equipment
  • Washroom:
    • Hand Soaps
    • Hand Towels
    • Hand Dryers
    • Toilet Rolls
    • Air Fresheners
    • Hygiene Services
  • Floor care:
    • Floor Maintainers
    • Floor Polishes
    • Floor Equipment (No Electrical Equipment)
  • Wiping:
    • Paper towelling
    • Micro Fibre Cloths
    • Colour Coded Cloths


Other services offered: upholstery cleaning; blind cleaning; hard floor cleaning; carpet cleaning, toilet deep cleans, graffiti cleaning and window cleaning

If you need help with provision of these kind of services then get in touch on 01635 38100.